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Sendo RYU - Sendo-Ryu Karatedo is considered to be one of the most economical and efficient Karate styles today. It is a style where the Karateka uses a superior initiative " Sen-No-Sen " which is based on the opponent's attack. It can be thought of as a stopping attack, where the opponent's attack cannot be finalized as one's own attack has been faster.

The system of SENDO-RYU is one of the youngest Karate styles in the world today. The style was established on November 14th, 1987. It has been recognized by one of the foremost Japanese organizations from Tokyo - Dai Nippon Seibukan Budo Bugei Kai and also by the World Headfounders/ Headfamilies Council organization.with European, American, Canadian and African representatives giving full credit as an authentic martial art. The founder of this style is the Kaicho (President) Professor Emeric Arus - Shodai SOKE, 10th Dan (First Generation Headmaster)
SENDO-RYU Karatedo is a highly dynamic style, and is based on scientific research conducted into four major Japanese styles: SHOTOKAN, WADO-RYU, GOJU-RYU and SHITO-RYU Karatedo. SENDO can be translated as the "WAY OF INITIATIVE."

SENDO-RYU is based on these four styles' technical elements, basic principles of the training and general Karate concepts about philosophy. The founder of this style has introduced new, efficient Karate techniques in attacks as well as in defense, systematized fighting principles and an absolutely new, strong teaching methodology in fighting (Kumite) making it altogether a new style.

It is well known that in a realistic combat (in the street or in the sport arena) the person who takes the initiative, whether with attacks, such as SEN-NO-SEN or in defense, such as GO-NO-SEN, has the better chance of winning. Therefore, timing and distance are primary factors at the beginning of teaching/ learning process in this style.

SENDO-RYU KARATEDO uses any part of the body for attacks as well as for defense. It incorperates many take-downs (Taoshi Waza) such as leg-sweeping, throwing and arm lock techniques from Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, and Aikijujitsu combined with vital pressure points (Kyusho Waza) in order to win any realistic combat. SENDO-RYU teaches knife (Tanto) defense techniques mandatory for black belt tests. Body shifts and evasions are largely used in the blocks as well as in the attacks of this style. The style's efficiency of its technique has been proven by Karate competitions, breaking techniques and Jiyu Kumite (one against several opponents.
SENDO-RYU uses Haito Uke (ridge-hand block) rather than Shuto Uke (knife-hand block). While the Shuto Uke seems stronger and sharper than Haito Uke, biomechanically, analyzed, the Haito Uke is actually much stronger. Every block is a sweeping block in this style which is executed with either open-hand or closed fist.

The Kata is very realistic and almost never repeats the same blocks without a counter and never attacks or blocks in the same line repeatedly.

Ippon Kumite (one step, one attack sparring) teaches the student self-defense, such as: blocking and countering at the same time, throwing, sweeping, grabbing the opponent's arm, leg, etc... The Ippon Kumite method is completely different from other Karate styles.

The style adopted Western as well as Oriental philosophy: the modern and the classical way of approaching the art "DO." Basically, SENDO-RYU is a speed style that focuses on use of timing and distance between the opponents.
The research for SENDO-RYU is the result of over 38 years of experience in practicing and teaching martial arts including: Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Aikijujitsu and Kobudo. Furthermore the research is based on very solid biomechanical, physiological, and methodological foundations.

The USA Patent and Copyright Office have copyrighted SENDO-RYU KARATEDO.

Professor Emeric Arus also holds a 6th Dan in Jujitsu and a 4th Dan in Judo. He is a graduate of the Institute of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest, Romania. He also graduated from Brooklyn College with a Master’s Degree in Physical Education. He finished the Long Island University Karate Instructor Certificate Program. Professor Arus is also a Fencing Master with over 50 years of experience, an ex-Olympian for the Romanian Fencing Team, and he is also considered the CO-pioneer and promoter of Karate in his country.
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