Rule & Regulations : --------------------------------------------------------------

1. Bow on entering and leaving the DOJO (Tachi Rei) say – OSS!!!
2. Show absolute OBEDIENCE to your instructor.
3. Call your instructor KAICHO - SHIHAN - SENSEI or SEMPAI.
4. To acknowledge conversation and instruction from your SENSEI, say HAI or OSS.
5. Students always arrive (at least 15') before the class starts. Late comers will not be admitted to class.
6. All ranks must respest other ranks.
7. Do not attempt to teach friends and acquaintances outside of the DOJO.
8. Never SHOW OFF to anyone.
9. Perform all necessary ceremonies BOWS as necessary.
10. During the lesson students must work with a serious attitude and complete concentration.
11. The SENSEI will decide when a student will go for rank.
12. Rapid movement is an essential part of the training even if it pertains to lining up on command. This habit of moving quickly, without wasted motion and effort will keep the class working smoothly.
13. No student can leave the DOJO or class during the lesson, unless he/she has permission from the SENSEI.
14. If a student must stop work, then he/she must obtain permission for it from the SENSEI.
15. All students will bow to a black belt and wait to be acknowledged before speaking to any black belt.
16. No laughing, talking, chewing gum or asking questions can't be permitted exept with a special permission of the SENSEI. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, NO DRINKING!!!!!
17. No jewelry is permitted to be worn while working out. (No chains, bracelets, rings, watches or earrings - except small earrings for girls).
18. Fingernails and toenails must be cut short; long hair should be tied back. GI and training equipment must be kept clean at all times.

If you can't obsreve DOJO etiquette, you will not be welcome in the DOJO
All_students must_abide by the rules, NO EXCEPTIONS or DISCUSSIONS !!!!!
Rules & Regulation for District Members:
1. All federation members taking part in karate training must obtain a licence to practise Karate-Do from the District Association representing the association and its Members at national level. They must register their licenced Karate Association with the District Governing body respectively. This must be doneas soon as possible. Without registration, your District Karate Association cannot issue Kyu Certificate in Dojo’s.
2. Memebership Fees for First year is Rs 1500 and from next consecutive year it will be Rs 1000 for all District Members.
3. We are welcoming Application only for District Incharge, not for State Incharge.
4. Members must ensure that they renew their licence on or before the expiry date each year in December.
5. Members has to obtain first National I.S.R.K.F Shodan, then he/she will allowed to take Kyu exams in their respective Dojo’s.
6. Shodan Fees:- Rs1000; Nidan Fees:- Rs2000; Sandan Fees:- Rs3000, respectively.
7. District Incharge is permitted to take Belt Exam from 8thKyu(White with one black Strips)to 1stKyu(Brown Belt with one full Black Strips) only. All the Black Belt (Shodan) Exam for all karateka’s will be Examined by I.S.R.K.F ‘Chief Technical Director’
8. I.S.R.K.F Referee Exam Fees is Rs1000, starting from ‘C’ Grade then ‘B’ Grade and then ‘A’ Grade Certificate respectively. Its include I.S.R.K.F Tie and Sendo Ryu Karate Handbook of Kata & Kumite judging rulesby Referee and also A.I.K.F updated Rules.
9. Training and Karate Camp Training to District Incharge and Sub-ordinate’swill cost extra fees as per requirement.
10. District Incharge is invited to take training from Hombu Dojo thrice in a year of2 days (8 Hours Training) Compulsory, it will cost just Rs 1000/-
11. Training will exclude Accommodation, but includeShitei Kata Training with its Bunkai.
12. Anyone wishing to qualify as a Coach must go through the proper instructor’s syllabus, as laid down by the Int’l Sendo-Ryu Karate Federation and the Indian Sendo-Ryu Karate Federation Governing Body.
13. District Body has to Organise District Karate Championship and invite the National Members to run the tournament.
14. I.S.R.K.F National Karate Camp is Compulsory for District Incharge.
15. If you want International I.S.R.K.F DAN Certificate then Fees will be taken as per Dollar Rate in India accordingly, and if you want to go International Hombu Camp then you are allowed to go with us only.
  The Federation shall have the right to suspend any member whom they consider guilty of misbehaviour, whether committed in the Dojo or outside of the Dojo until such times as the case is brought before the federation for their consideration. Suspended members shall not be allowed to train at any Sendo-Ryu dojo. Suspended members shall be given reasonable opportunity to furnish an explanation of their conduct either verbally or in writing before any further action is taken by the club.
Club members must obtain and wear a Karate Dress (Gi) while training.
It is compulsory for senior members to wear club approved hand gloves during sparring.
It is compulsory for senior members and junior members to wear a groin guard, shin/instep guards and gum shields.
Are not allowed kick, punch or strike to the face, throat or groin.
When free sparring, control must be exercised at all times.
Control is when a technique is stopped 6 inches from the body.
Bullying of any form will not be allowed whether inside or out with the club.
  District Inchargeshould practice Sendo-Ryu jiyu Kumite as per Rules thoughtin training session. When Shihai Kumiteis practise by seniors must observe the rules of the World Karate Federation(WKF)
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"A Man who seeks perfection perhaps never finds it, but who seeks simplicity will find perfection" | One must practice for one's self | It is better to develop your mind than your fist | Talk little and work hard and results will come easier | You should see your opponent not only with your eyes, but also with your soul | There are no human beings in the world without fear | The fear of death is the strongest in the mind of the human being; the fear of the Unknown is the second strongest | Train hard and you will know you better and overcome the fear of the Unknown | Seek perfection of good character, be faithful, work hard, respect others and refrain from violence | True courage lies in self-restraint and self-discipline