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HOMBU DOJO (Headquater)

Address : Mother Mary's English High School, Shanti Park, Road no. 2, Nalasopara (West) Thane-401203.

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Phone Number : +91 9930537790, +91 9545998108

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"A Man who seeks perfection perhaps never finds it, but who seeks simplicity will find perfection" | One must practice for one's self | It is better to develop your mind than your fist | Talk little and work hard and results will come easier | You should see your opponent not only with your eyes, but also with your soul | There are no human beings in the world without fear | The fear of death is the strongest in the mind of the human being; the fear of the Unknown is the second strongest | Train hard and you will know you better and overcome the fear of the Unknown | Seek perfection of good character, be faithful, work hard, respect others and refrain from violence | True courage lies in self-restraint and self-discipline