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Tashi Sensei Laxman Ziman” born in 1968 at Mumbai. Belongs to middle class Maharashtrian family, Completed his studies till Metric in Marathi medium school, because of his family problem he could not study further.

He started his Karate training in the 1984. He practiced Karate lessons under Grand master M.H Barodawala and Shihan Zoir Barodawala (his son) for several years and took black belt of Jutsukan International Federation from his Sensei, who is first Black Belt of India & also founder of this Style in India. He also used to teach in their sensei‘s several other branches from 1986. He has Practiced Karate, Judo, Jujutsu and Kick-Boxing in his training period. He is now 6th Dan of Jutsukan International Federation.

After marriage he started working as P.T teacher in one of the school in 2000-2003. And started his own Karate Classes in same school in 2000. Today he is handling 10 Branches. He has also performed several Dangerous stunts in his school annual function like Candle Bath, Nail board Stunts, Nail in forearm skin, Ice breaking, Body condition on four swords in air and many more demonstrations in other Schools.

He has taken the Affiliation from International Sendo-ryu karate federation from USA in 1st May 2007 and became the Style Chief of Indian Sendo-Ryu karate federation. His Daughter “Krutika Ziman” is also Black Belt and Vice president of I.S.R.K.F

He took membership form All India Karate federation and given the National Referee exams for kata kumite competition with 3rd Dan exam of A.I.K.F. In Judo, he is holding 2nd Dan(USA) and in Ju-jutsu (USA)1st Dan. He had also served as State level Referee for kick-boxing tournaments.
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"A Man who seeks perfection perhaps never finds it, but who seeks simplicity will find perfection" | One must practice for one's self | It is better to develop your mind than your fist | Talk little and work hard and results will come easier | You should see your opponent not only with your eyes, but also with your soul | There are no human beings in the world without fear | The fear of death is the strongest in the mind of the human being; the fear of the Unknown is the second strongest | Train hard and you will know you better and overcome the fear of the Unknown | Seek perfection of good character, be faithful, work hard, respect others and refrain from violence | True courage lies in self-restraint and self-discipline